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LOCATED IN MCDONOUGH, GA near Jodeco Road and I-75 
A path that leads to success, and I am here to share my passion.
Playing music is the most rewarding experience in my life and I am eager to share my passion with others who want to add a beautiful talent to their lives.  
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About Me
Hello Dear Music Lover!
         I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. My musical journey has been so fun! I have played many instruments over a wide range of music styles as a child to my adult life. I started out when I was 12 on the flute. I studied flute/performance at Clayton State College. Then I became a professional performer, as flutist and bassist for my husband's band, from 1994-2001.  We also produced two CDs together. I have been teaching music lessons since 1996 and currently have a home studio full of great students. My husband teaches guitar lessons, too!!
       My musical journey as a mother of three gave me the opportunity to  create music lessons for homeschooling families called   Living Music From the Heart  now available to purchase online. During this fun journey with my children, we recorded songs together. If you have children, please check out our CD, and support our family. It is called Sweet Songs.

        I am looking forward to meeting you, my soon to be new student. Come join the fun!!
My Students